April 10th, 2010

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Lewis Update

Or 'the things we do for our furballs'.

He went back to the vet for tests and was there over night. The verdict: nothing physically wrong with him and his constant wetting over everything is behavioral. Our choices, limited. We can't go on like this. I discovered he'd been wetting against my new mattress/box spring, in addition to all the other places. Hate the idea of making him an outdoor cat around here, but maybe we could find him a home as a barn cat out in the country, I don't know. So after hundreds of dollars in vet bills, from getting him fixed, to having the surgery done he needed, to this last visit, he's been a very expensive stray. So there was much angst yesterday on what to do. Finally we decided on a middle measure, something I'd suggested a few years back that I could never get my mum to go along with, but this time, my brother was backing me, so then it was a good idea. Basically, I'd had the idea that the downstairs/family room area be turned into a place for our piddling inclined kitties, while the non piddling cats stay upstairs. We'd put a nice screen door, the kind with the windows, at the bottom of the stairwell, to separate the groups. We were going to do the downstairs floor as a stained cement one anyways, and the carpet's getting torn off, since it's disgusting, and the furniture down there is old. So Lewis, we can keep an eye on for a few more months and see if the situation improves, and if not, more time to try and come up with alternatives. So keep your fingers crossed t6hat this works.
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How long before LJ is fixed? Tired of comments not posting and pages not loading. I thought I'd read they had a handle on the problem, but I guess not. Doesn't help I'm grumpy from a day spent trying to eliminate cat smell from my room. Another day on my hands and knees, hand washing the walls and floors, plus stripping my bed and washing everything down to the bed pad. and I still think my room smells. Will have to wait till dark and go over everything again with the blacklight.
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On A Happier Note

This time three weeks from now, we'll be in San Antonio! Have started to think about what to pack. And we've decided to go to Vegas after work Wednesday night -- I get nervous having an early morning flight that requires a 2+ shuttle ride first. This way, we'll be at a hotel right near the airport with fewer worries.
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I saw a few weeks back on the Road Trip list that you could wear historical outfits on Sat at the mixer. I'm tempted! I have a wonderful Edwardian outfit, but decided it was too many layers of velvet and silk for the season, but then I remembered I have a 20s style flapper dress I could wear! But I need shoes. And I don't want to be to be the only one in costume either. Must ponder.