March 27th, 2010

What's Left - Danger Kitten


Haven't had a lot of luck getting non blurry/not dark photos of the kittens, but here's a really dark one I tried to lighten, and a blurry one that was the best of the lot. These are the first litter.

Media - Holmes

Here's Hoping

I hope as many people that live within driving distance of St. George want one of the kittens as do my f'listees who want one that live so far away! So far, a coworker is interested perhaps in two, and one of the vet assistants might want one. But we have ten total to find homes for, so will need more adoptive parents!

Hey, conjured_1, you'll be here just after the kittens are weaned -- want one? Or two? [g] They're cuuuuute! And agilebrit, we could bring a kitten to you in SLC. Seriously, if anyone within a day's drive would consider adopting, let's talk.
Art - 100 Acre Wood

Since I Don't Have Decent Piccies

Here. Dad is a Bengal, and he's gorgeous. Unfortunately, he's gone wild, but he is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. Maybe we can trap him at some point and at least get him fixed so he can't keep impregnating all the local females. Sage, I think, is probably his daughter, that's my guess at least. Her six kittens look very much like the kittens pictured at the link. Ebony, the black mommy, her kittens are also fathered by him, and her kittens are like little black versions of Bengals.