March 24th, 2010

John Adams - Friendship

Another Day

I think I may be feeling a bit better. I overdid yesterday, and had left a message at work I was coming in late today, because I knew I couldn't make a full day. Boss 2 called me a little later and said she thought I should stay home and rest. Considering how dreadful I felt at that moment, I relented. Spent some time in the garden - fresh air and sunshine, and a lovely spring day - and that really seemed to help.

In unrelated TV news, I'm pimping out 'Justified' really like it a lot. FX seems to reair it it multiple times, so you should be able to still catch it. Give it a try. Would I lead you astray? Okay, don't answer that....

My brother has planted me some roses I picked out along the side of my yard, in between the Japanese cypress he planted for me last year. One is called 'Hot Cocoa' and looks like it's a really pretty one (here's a pic). I also have a curled leaf weeping willow, but I need to decide where to put it. All the bulbs he planted in the fall are coming up now, and I have dafs and tulips and crocuses all around, with irises to come soon.