January 2nd, 2010

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New Year Stuff

First off, don't forget the Great Unsung Fic and Vid Party over here.

New Year's Eve, I went to get groceries with my brother, and we decided to go to the grocery store in St. George that's about as close to say, Nob Hill, as you can get here. Because I was making prawns with sage and truffle butter sauce for New Year's Day dinner, so we needed truffle oil. And he figured Harmon's was the only place that might have it. And they did! But better from my perspective, they've really upgraded their cheese counter since we were there last spring, and the now have Cowgirl Creamery cheese! YAY! And they had Point Reyes and Humboldt Fog. I was a very happy girl, let me tell you. So our NYE spread was a variety of cheeses and I made the leek/bacon/Gruyere puffs I made last year.

Yesterday, I made turkey soup and turkey stock, and had cranberry pecan pie for breakfast. Took a little break in between to play on LJ, which was so much fun! Then I made the prawns (though they were actually shrimp since they had no prawns) and lemon risotto.

When I've been able to pry Nin away from her new video game, we've watched some more S2 Psych, and my brother's DVD of Star Trek we got him for Xmas [g] We still need to watch the Rose Parade, but I think I'll need physically remove her from her room for that.

Today, I don't think I have to cook anything! So maybe I can read or even [gasp] get some wrting done.
My Fic Icons - Ith's Fic

End of the Year Fic Writing Meme

Pillaged from mosellegreen

Overall Thoughts: I was surprised, looking over what I'd written this year. I only remembered the long dry spells, it seemed, not that I'd had floods of wrting in between!

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted? It was more that I didn't write what I thought I'd be writing. I thought I Am Going To the West would be finished by the summer, I thought I'd finish my second Queen of Swords story, At the Edge of Heaven, and start and finish with three as well, I thought I'd have written the sequel to Practical Applications. But none of those happened.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January? White Collar! Of course, the show didn't exist then, so no wonder I was surprised. I also hadn't expected Chris/Charlotte. Odd how the readers saw something there I didn't. But I came around. And Vin/Cecily. Now, I'd conceived Cecily's character mentally long before, but when I finally wrote her, I wasn't expecting that flash of attraction with Vin. I just found myself wrting it and I was as surprised as Ezra was LOL

What's your own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest? That's a toss up. Part of me thinks 'On A Raven's Wing' because it was so unexpected connecting with Ben Wade and using him in a story. And that story really helped define who Vin is to me - and to Charlotte. Him blackmailing Charlotte into doing what he wants is probably one of my most favourite moments. The other part of me goes with Bound & Always. That broken and seemingly lost forever Charlotte kills me. And Ezra's grief and his refusal to let her go, to give up on her [sighs] The part where he's reading aloud to her, trying to bring her back from the darkness is one I love.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them? Deciding that even if it's not happy making or necessarily popular, that I would deal with the dark parts of Charlotte's persona: her fall into addiction, and eventually her breakdown. Deciding to do that, even though it hasn't all been written yet, really changed the path the stories were going to take and how she interacts with those around her.

My best story of this year: Well, even though it's a WIP, I really like what I've written in Too Young For Heaven. It is a good example of what I was saying in the risk question. Charlotte's darkness and just why she connects to Chris after they've both suffered a traumatic event in their lives.

My most popular story of this year: That's a toss up between Straight and Narrow, my White Collar/ATF verse ficlet and Double Double Pants and Trouble, my one and only straight Mag Seven fic, and a funny one at that!

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Hmmm... I guess Five Memories Ezra Has Of His Sister. It's where I introduce Cecily, but I think it has some lovely Ezra moments spanning his life.

Most fun story to write: Probably the aforementioned Double Double, Pants and Trouble. Though No Place For a Lady was a lot of fun to write as well. Ezra being appalled at Charlotte in the saloon and JD being a pirate fanboy really made me laugh when I wrote it.

Story with the single sexiest moment: Oh heck.... I think I'll go with Cecily kissing a very surprised Vin in the tool shed in Neither Wind Nor Bird.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
Can't think of one.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Vin in On A Raven's Wing, Chris and Charlotte in Too Young For Heaven.

Hardest story to write: I guess that would be reboot three of I Am Going To the West since it's STILL a WIP [g]

Biggest Disappointment:
That I haven't gotten back to my Queen of Swords fic.

Biggest Surprise: Writing White Collar fic, and not just one, but two plus a snippet of one. Basically, a new frickin series.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: I wasn't sure how to answer this one, so I'll go with my own take on it, k? Charlotte has a predilection for complicated men with dark sides. No, that's not news. But, when I was writing Books and Covers, her first meeting with with Tony Stark, I realized there was real chemistry and desire there. She chooses not to act on it because she's trying to break her habit and not fall back into her pattern. And she's trying to protect herself. It's no coincidence she hasn't been in a serious relationship since Chris was killed. So she and Tony become friends, and it works for them, but that undercurrent is still there, and it's going to come back to bite her when she least expects it. You can't protect yourself from loving someone even if you're not in an intimate relationship. My conception of Tony and Charlotte's friendship has evolved since that first 'surprise! you're writing Iron Man!' story, Practical Applications, and going back to the beginning really helped solidify that new perception for me.