November 8th, 2009

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Not Something I Ever Thought I'd be Doing

Shopping for a football t-shirt. See, Nin's work has instituted a policy that if you wear a football shirt on Mondays, you're allowed to wear jeans. Of course, not a single person in the house has any sort of sports related clothing, so that means getting her one. She doesn't want a Utah Utes shirt, which she could get at work -- that would be too easy LOL. So it's now between Tennessee Titans, her home state, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, her father and brother's favourite team, with the added bonus of PIRATES! on the shirts. I think the pirate theme will win out [g]
Quote - Shall Not Pass!

Mo Ryan Responds to Brad Wright

I'm a fan of Maureen Ryan's 'The Watcher', and while I don't always agree with her, I do enjoy reading her thoughts regardless. This her column in response to Brad Wright being unhappy that she doesn't like SGU. While I'm still watching SGU, she makes a lot of points I agree with. Especially after watching the most recent episode, which I found to be majorly squicky. And if they don't deal with those issues, I probably won't be giving it the length of time to grow on me that I did Atlantis. Atlantis took nearly two seasons, and I wanted to give SGU the same shot, but it may be tough to do.