October 10th, 2009

Taste - Tea

Lots and Lots of Tea

Two of the wheels cracked/broke off my computer chair, and we were going to go and get a new one today, but Nin's got a hell of a head cold, and my tummy is all messed up. So, the old dining room chair with car cushion on top is going to have to do till next week. I foresee much tea drinking today.

Norrington's wound looks nasty, but he seems to be feeling okay, roaring around the house. We have to keep putting Islay in the garage since she keeps attacking him though. She's a little bully, and when she wants to play, you're going to play, damnit! And Norrington is usually the victim of her mean girl behavior.
Japan - Bat

Stargate: Universe

We're slowly catching up on the TV we missed while out of town, and last night, we watched the first three hours of 'Universe'. We enjoyed it enough to watch again next week, but it will take a few more episodes to decide of this one is a 'keeper' or not.