September 17th, 2009

Iron Man - da Vinci

Little Things

Why is it when you're feeling overwhelmed by big things, it's the little things that just set you off? My little thing is my missing iTune playlists and I'm beside myself over it. It's one of those things that take hours over many months to get just the way you want them and the thought of trying to recreate them makes me very unhappy. Not sure what happened, but iTunes upgraded to 9 last week, and it was all fine. We think it was because it only finished installing on Nin's side of the computer on Tuesday. Or not. Don't really know. Anyway, I opened iTunes yesterday to discover an ancient playlist from when the harddrive died last year. The same playlist that wouldn't import when we started with the new HD necessitating me recreating all my playlists! ARGH! And because I misunderstood a conversation I had with Nin, I didn't realize I could backup my lists. It's stupid, but looking at iTunes is about setting me off into tears.