August 11th, 2009

Iron Man - da Vinci


I've been working on making icons from the IM II teaser trailer since Saturday. Since the quality was so bad, the caps needed a lot of work. But I finally finished them tonight! Or this morning, I guess it would be. Ended up with 29 and am pleased at how a few of them came out. Will put them up later today -- too bleary to mess with tables and code now.
Iron Man - da Vinci

Iron Man II Icons

The majority of these icons are from caps taken from the IM II footage that was shown at ComicCon and that has been floating intermittently across the internet since. Two of the images I used were from promotional photos I snagged a few weeks back. Obviously, the caps weren't very good quality, so I've tried to be creative to compensate for that. Hope you'll like what I came up with!

The usual drill: comment + credit if you take one home, and I'm always happy to add text to any icon you so desire.

Other adoptable icons can be found here.




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