August 9th, 2009

Media - Empire

Star Wars!

Nin and my brother went to see G.I. Joe last night, a fate from which I escaped [weg] So while they were gone, I watched Star Wars. After my rantage about the prequels, I felt the need to relive the joy of the originals. How a man that gave me one of the ultimate fandom experiences of my young adulthood could do such a complete 180.... But never mind that, the joy! All these decades later, I still get ridiculously happy at the end of the movie, and I'm smiling like a loon by the end of the awards ceremony. Waaaaaay back when, I used to be obsessed with Star Wars. I never wrote fic, but mentally wrote stories for myself, read the novelization till till it fell apart. Was beyond ecstatic when it was released in theaters, and in the end, saw it 14 times in the cinema; the theater staff knew me and my brother by name. So devoted was I, that when it was aired on the new fangled pay movie channel, which we didn't have, I recorded the audio onto cassette. See, way back then, movie channels broadcast the stereo soundtrack on a radio station so you could view the movie and listen in stereo. Between me and my brother, I think we had every action figure, in both sizes, and the ships. The one thing I ever sewed was a Princess Leia costume for Halloween (my hair was down to my hips, so I even had the cinnamon rolls!), and I made my brother a Tie Fighter cake for his birthday. I belonged to the Star Wars fanclub for years. They had the best membership packets which you got for virtually nothing. My old Bantha Tracks newsletters packed away somewhere. My one regret is I never did have the money to buy the Rebel Fatigue Jacket [pout] There was only one novel tie in back then, but hands down, it's still my favourite Star Wars novel: Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Even though Empire made it AU, I still love it. Then there was the music! First two LPs I bought when I was given my very own plastic Radio Shack stereo were Crystal Gayle's 'Brown Eyes Blue' and the soundtrack to Star Wars. I went on to collect all the odd ball LPs that came out like the Mecco version of the theme, and Empire Jazz, which has the most awesome cover art.

So, I watched Star Wars, and when Nin got home, I'd just put on Empire (Do you know that the idea of being able to own your own copies of movies still is one that I find amazing and wonderful?) which is probably my favourite of the three. Today, we'll watch Jedi, even though the changes made in the new version probably bug me the most. One of these days, I need to dig out my laserdisc copies and see if I can copy them to DVD. Problem is, I'm not sure the player works anymore. I don't mind the visual refurbishments, but I hate when whole scenes and dialogue are changed. I loved the original end of Jedi and am not fond at all of the new version.

I'm even feeling the urge to read Star Wars fic. Believe it or not, I think I've read maybe four SW stories ever. But from looking around, it seems most of the fic is of those movies of which I will not speak [g] I'll dig around crack van and see what I can find.

Funnily enough, at the time, I was just as obsessed with the Lord of the Rings as I was Star Wars. They both came into my life at around the same time. I always though Alec Guinness would have made a great Gandalf.