July 16th, 2009

John Adams - Friendship

Thank You!

I wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes; they're much appreciated.

Thank you em_kellesvig for the bread baking and spice reference books! They're awesome! And strangevisitor7, thank you for the DVD and the nifty magnet! Then there's the awesome vid that grachonok made for me! I have never been gifted with a vid before, so how cool was that to get? Thank you! And thanks to eldritchhobbit, luscious_words, and idontlikegravy for the LJ gifties!

Thanks! And many [HUGS] :)

Later: SQUEE!! I got me birthday fic! idontlikegravy wrote me a lovely Amanda fic with my favourite birthday boy! Old Tricks, New Friends

You most assuredly should go read!