July 12th, 2009

Methos - Park Bench

Wayback Machine

This came up during a conversation I had with strangevisitor7 on websites that become defunct, taking your fave fic with it. And if your fandom doesn't have a central archive, you're pretty much out of luck. I have come across so many links to Mag Seven fic that are dead -- not resting, not pining, but dead [g] But all is not lost! There's this wonderful device, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. You plug in the original dead URL, and it brings up cached versions of the page; because nothing is ever truly gone on the internet. Casey hadn't known about it, so it occurred to me that others might not either. So this is my PSA for the week :)

Later: I was only trying to share what might be a useful resource for people. I get it doesn't work for everything, but what does? If you can find a few lost fics, then cool, if not, oh well. It's not the end of the world, just annoying.
Mag 7 - Vin Beer

This Whole Summer Thing

We're still adjusting to living somewhere with an actual summer with 100+ temps. We went to WalMart earlier and I got a couple more pair of thin shorts for around the house. Okay, technically, they're sleep shorts, but they work fine as house and garden wear, and they were on clearance for $3! If I were working, I'd so be having a summer clothing shopping spree!

Well, I suppose I should make dinner. It's around that time. Just spaghetti tonight, since I've made full on dinners the last few nights, along with a dessert last night. I made my first clafoutis with about the last of the apricots. I doubled the recipe and the pan was about cleaned out.