June 27th, 2009

Mag 7 - Seven Text

The Fugitive

We watched The Fugitive tonight -- damn, I love this movie! It got me wondering. Are there any crossovers between the Mag 7 ATF verse and Samuel Gerard's U.S. Marshals team? It struck me that Gerard's team is a lot like Chris' ATF team. And that it would be the perfect crossover blend!
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Parent Trap

So the fact that Anthony Starke's character on MIOBI has the last name of Tanner has created a great deal of amusement. So some of us have been trying to figure out how Vin, Steve, and Ezra are all related. As the result of an email on the subject I wrote this morning, I got the idea for 'The Parent Trap' - I'm scaring even myself now!

Maude Standish and Woodrow Tanner (I named him Woodrow, deal!) have twin boys. Maude takes Ezra and Woodrow takes Steve. Then, many years later, the boys meet at camp and Ezra discovers he has a half brother named Vin as well! Hilarity ensues. Vin and Ezra grow up to be ATF agents, and Steve, well, we don't know what Steve does. But he is rich, and his daughter, Lauren, is the pride of her grandma Maude.

The End