June 13th, 2009

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

IM Peeps!

For those of you steeped with all knowledge of the Iron Man universe, I have a question! If Tony's hurt whilst doing his Iron Man thing, would he be taken to some super secret SHIELD hospital? Or would he just go to the regular hospital?
Japan - Bat

Is Pooped

Two more batches of conserve made (Nin is an excellent sous chef!), pizza dough, pizza sauce, a few loads of dishes. Now I'm taking a wine break before I make the pizzas. Left the final kitchen cleaning for someone who didn't actually do anything today.

Later, we need to pick the rest of the apricots and get stuff ready so mum can put up just the fruit when she gets home at 11.

And the icon reminds me! The bats have returned and they're adorable! They are the little tiny brown bats, and the show up at dusk by the dozens. Love it when they zoom the top of my head to catch a bug - you can hear their little chitter sounds.