June 7th, 2009

Japan - Peach Blossoms

It's a Tree!

We went back to WalMart today to buy the tree we saw yesterday. There was no one in the garden section, so we had to take it to the front. The tree being a ten foot tall silver maple. We got to the checker, and he looked up and said, "It's a tree!". Lots of kids were quite enthralled with the sight of our tree rolling by, and then back to the garden center since it was too tall to go through the front doors. It's going to look very nice in the garden/deck area behind my room. Next year, I'm getting a quaking aspen. This year is putting up the fence panels and digging the fire pit and laying the flagstones. But the maple was so cheap and so tall, I couldn't resist it.

Also got a bunch more canning supplies, and a few things from the clearance aisle we hadn't planned on.

Came home, started sterilizing bottles, cleaned the kitchen, then made the pastry for the ricotta tart I'm making later. Then cleaned out the fridge. The clean kitchen is now full of dirty dishes again. So waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can start all over. Then to make dinner and after, pick more apricots. Then when mum gets home from work at 11pm, we'll make jam.