May 31st, 2009

My Fic Icons - Charlotte E.P.S Portrait

'I Am Going To The West' (04/15)

Rating: PG13
Notes: A sequel to ‘He’s a Pirate’, set a few months before the events in 'Practical Applications'. A crossover with Magnificent Seven and a story in the Echos the Sea series. Thanks to strangevisitor7 for the beta.
Characters: Methos, Duncan MacLeod, Ezra Standish, Original Characters.
Summary: It’s been a century and a half since Methos last saw Charlotte and Ezra. His reappearance in their lives brings back many memories; not all of them happy ones.

Added note: Part Three has been revised, so you might want to reread it if you've been reading as I post.


West 2

I Am Going To The West
Part Four

Look What the Cat Dragged In

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Japan - Camelias & Titmouse

Be Gone!

It was gray hair vanishing day today. Seems to occur more frequently these days [g] I still think it's patently unfair that my brother inherited my mother's no gray hair gene.

Nin and I are going to go grab a bite to eat in a bit and then go see Star Trek. Finally! will let you know what we think when we get home.

Other than that, I'm working on part five of 'I Am Going To the West', and I made a title banner for it that I rather like. But I now have the urge to make icons!
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Finally, the Star Trek

We really enjoyed it, will probably go again.

Thought Karl Urban as Bones rocked, also liked the new Kirk, Scotty, and Uhura. A little underwhelmed with the guy who plays Spock. Maybe he'll grow on me in the sequel.

Now I need to backtrack and find all the cool threads, fic, etc., I missed by seeing the movie so late.