May 27th, 2009

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Mail Woes

I stopped getting mail about 3am, and it was still down this morning. After messing around in the Cpanel for hours, it seems to be working again, but I don't know if I lost any mail along the way. Bleah.
Grey's - Seriously

Six Story Tall Naked Hugh Jackman

Just told my 77 year old mother to enjoy 'Six Story Tall Naked Hugh Jackman'. ninjababe wanted to see Wolverine again, and it's at the IMAX at Zion Natl Park, so she decided to go tonight. Mum wanted to go too, so they're off to the movies together. So I'm all by my lonesome tonight. It's really rare for the two of us to not do everything together.

Maybe it will get Nin actually writing the mega poker game fic she's been talking about.

In other news, Ezra just ran into Methos. Yes, I'm writing Methos again, even if he is still pouting.