May 26th, 2009

Methos - Darkness

No Matter How Many Times.....

...I watch Revelations 6:8, the Slinky Quickening never fails to amuse me. Talk about unintentional humour in what was supposed to be a dramatic moment.

And no matter how many times I watch the two Horsemen eps, I still come away totally ticked off at Duncan.

Some things are eternal [g]
Media - RDJ Yeah

For You Burn Notice Fans

A really nice long chewy interview with the show's creator and FX dude about the show in general, and the upcoming season. Lots of good stuff!

Going to make a cherry pie today. Got enough cherries off the tree to make a few pies, and mum's working, so I said I'd do it. Pies are not one of my favourite things to bake, but cherry pie is Nin's most favourite, so I'm being nice [g]

Thinking I should post my 'Serpents' rant just so I have all the riled up fan bases covered this week [snicker]

My three teenager kitties, Norrington, Islay, and Skye, have all figured out how to get over the top of the pet gate I put in my hall. Thankfully, the older wet all over my room kitties haven't figured it out [knock wood]
Japan - Bat


Rain is absolutely heavenly. The cool breeze, the scent, the oppressiveness lifting.

Pie is in the oven, and I remembered why I really don't like making pie. Hopefully it'll at least taste good. The pastry came out wonderfully, if I do say so myself.