May 24th, 2009

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

When She's Away...

the muse shall play.

I wrote a 1200 word fc last night. Why? Because strangevisitor7 was out for the day and couldn't respond to my emails. Which meant I couldn't start on I Am Going To The West (yes, that will be the next project for me to complete -- it won hands down in the poll) since I needed a consensus on some of the plot points I'd raised. So of course, that meant I had to write a whole new story! See how that logic goes? We were out in the afternoon/evening, me, Nin, and my brother, running errands. We went to two nurseries to dinner, the liquor store and Loew's, and the entire time, my brain was writing the story.

And know what? I still feel like writing! I'm in one of those zones I get into every so often. How long it lasts, I have no idea.

As for last night's fic, I probably won't post it till strangevisitor7 posts her newest, since it was something that happens in hers that was the inspiration. It's something of a Chris/Charlotte PWP, but I think it was kinda cute.
My Fic Icons - Charlotte Methos  Copper

Getting Back Into The Mindset

I added about 500 more words to the story I wrote last night; I'm calling it 'Comfort. So it's done and I'll post it after strangevisitor7 posts her next story. Now I'm trying to get back into the mindset for 'I Am Going To The West'. I need to go over my outline, making changes based on what's been written in the last six months, and do a rewrite of part three -- again! You'll see why after you read Casey's next fic. Then on to writing new parts, if all goes as planned :) Just keep me from falling into anymore new fandoms -- or any old ones. We're finally going to see Star Trek next week when it comes to the IMAX at Zion.