May 20th, 2009

Media - Keira: Smoke


Ever wake up all chipper and happy about the day and within an hour, you wish you'd never got out of bed?

I should know better than to wake up cheerful. There's a reason I do so rarely.

Also wondering why my teas tastes vaguely of raw onions....
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Fresh Air Helps

Me, mum, and Nin went for a drive up to Kolob reservoir, which is a few thousand feet higher in altitude from where we are. Being able to not have the AC in the car on (which gives me a headache) even for an hour or so was so nice! And the drive gave me an idea in turning my 'Four Things' fic into 'Five Things', once I realized I could have something set several years past where I've written in the 19th century stories.

Need to make some dinner for everyone, then I'll try and write!