May 19th, 2009

Forever Knight - Forever

Long Ago Fic

Was chatting with some friends about Japanese poetry tonight, and how I'd set a story around several such poems. Since I'd presented some of the poems I'd used, I reread Takasago's Pines. I'd forgotten how much I liked that particular story. Odd that the stories you love the most are the ones that are probably read the least. Despite that, it remains one of my favourites.

Then just after finishing, a post on my f'list from brightknightie reminded me that this is the thirteenth anniversary of the airing of 'Last Knight'. It's so hard to beleive that so much time has passed. Forever Knight really did change my life in so many major ways, the most meaningful, bringing ninjababe into my life, along with so many dear friends (you know who you are!) But thirteen years!!
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'Aces Immortal' & 'Echoes the Sea'

I've added a link to both series over on the sidebar, and I've added something of a summary of the series to the archive listing. Plus, all the links to all the stories strangevisitor7 and I have written in the 'Aces Immortal' series should be there and correct. Let me know if I missed anything! Oh, and I've created an 'Aces' Immortal' tag, though I haven't gone back yet to retag the posts.
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'Five Things'

I'm trying my hand at one of those 'Five Things' stories. Though this may be 'Four Things' unless I can get strangevisitor7 to write a segment [pokes] I finished two so far, and two to go! This will be an introduction to that character I've been talking about, and is tentatively titled, 'Five Memories Ezra Has Of His Sister'.

I'm really hoping this will jump start my muse!
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'Five Memories Ezra Has Of His Sister' (1 & 2)

A little detour and a different format for me. This is one of those ‘Five Times’ stories. Except in this case, it’s four, since they’re a bit long. I thought this would be a good way to introduce a character I’ve had banging around in my brain for a few months now, and who will probably be making an appearance in the not too distant future. I hope you like Cecily as much as I do.

Rating: PG
Notes: A story in the 'Echoes the Sea/Aces Immortal' AU series. These ficlets take place between 1847 and 1883, beginning when Ezra is ten.
Characters: Ezra Standish, Charlotte Sparrow, Cecily Black
Summary: Ezra recalls five memories of his sister.


Winter, 1847

As a Gentleman Should

“Who are you?” Ezra asked belligerently, eyeing the strange girl who was sitting on the piano bench in the music room. Charlotte had sent him off to practice his music, and while he didn’t want to, he didn’t quite have the nerve to disobey her outright. But now this girl was sitting on his bench, at his piano, Collapse )

Memories Three, Four, and Five