May 18th, 2009

Mag 7 - Vin Beer


I am so stoked that Chuck has been renewed! And Castle too! Wow, that sacrifice I made to the TV gods musta paid off.

And how ironic is it that the one Joss show I have absolutely no interest in watching is the one that gets renewed?

Still haven't seen Star Trek. By the time I do, no one will be interested in talking about.

It's supposed to top 100 today. It's 90 odd currently and my room is 85. We're going to give the dog a bath at some point, so I will be hot, wet, and dirty afterwards.

Haven't even looked at my f'list yet today! Been reading a new story strangevisitor7 is writing, and writing my own Vin centric snippet based on a conversation he was having with a character you haven't met yet in my brain when I woke up this morning. I've learned to try and write that sort of thing down because over time I lose a lot of the dialogue. This way, if we decide to go in direction my snippet was taking, I have it all filed away. And if not, I'll just post the snippet at some point as a road not taken.
Nature - Bunny

Marty Sue?

So George Lucas based Luke on himself, and Gene Roddenberry based Wesley on himself, and those are just two are off the top of my head, and now, I discover that one of the creators of How I Met Your Mother based Ted on himself and the other creator, Marshall. Yet I never see the screams of 'MARY SUE!' that I'm sure would exist if these guys were women.

Just an observation.

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Full text here, but it is spoilerish for the last ep of the season.