May 8th, 2009

Nature - Wolf

Like a Wrung Out Dishrag

Is how I currently feel right now. Guess who got food poisoning and is sitting in the condo while everyone else is out looking for wolves in the park? Yes! You win! The only upside is that I thought my dinner tasted odd and didn't eat more than a third of it, otherwise, I would have probably been a whole lot sicker. Funnily enough, when we were sitting around after dinner, I was eating cheese and crackers and said if I'd known how bad my meal was going to be (chicken fried steak -- my favourite!), I would have stayed here and ad cheese for dinner! Little did I know I really should have.

The gang headed out to the Lamar Valley with picnic lunches this morning, and I just got up and tentatively ate a piece of toast. So far, so good [knock wood] Tea tastes wonderful, thankfully, since the juice just tasted weird. Tastebuds on the blink still.

Oh, and the results of food poisoning after you've eaten a piece of blackberry pie? Not pretty! Thankfully the unit has a washer and drier cus my nightgown was a mess.

But not all sucks! We're staying across the street form the Wolf Discovery center and this morning at dawn, since I had the bedroom window open (It always happens when I come here, it's 30 out and I'm too hot in the room to sleep, so I open the window.) I was woken to the sound of wolf song! It was amazing!! And then there was the song of wild turkeys -- not quite so harmonious!

Later, depending on if I feel steady on my feet, I may walk across the street and visit the wolves. Wolves are my favourite animal, and the center does amazing work.