May 4th, 2009

Iron Man - Pepper Look Up

My DWidth Statement

Since everyone else is making them!

I will not be crossposting from Dreamwidth. One, all my nearly 200 bright shiny icons are here and I can't make do with just six. I could crosspost, come back here and edit the post and change the icon, but that would be kinda silly. Two, I need my LJ addon for Firefox to have a happy journal posting experience. Seriously, I don't know how I managed before I found LJ addon! And three, I have a permanent account here, plus all the comms I have.

What I will be doing is backing up my LJ to my DWidth journal a few times a week. and I'll accept comments on the posts in either place.

So far, there's nothing different enough about DWidth to compel me to move there lock, stock, and barrel. Now if the majority of my f'list were to move, I'd reconsider, but it would take a lot to pry me off my LJ.

I think that about covers it!
Nature - Wolf

To Do

ninjababe is dragging me to her Gambit Wolverine movie tonight when she gets off work. Think of me! [g]

We're going to Yellowstone for a few days later in the week. Jen and Dave have a timeshare there this week and have invited us to join them. Since it's only eight hours from here, we're doing a long weekend thing. We'll either leave Wed. when Nin gets off work and go as far as SLC, or leave really early Thursday morning and do it in one hop. We'll stay in SLC Sunday night on the way home, and hopefully meet up with agilebrit if we don't get in ungodly late!

It's in the 90s here, and in Yellowstone, they're still getting snow showers! So I'm having to pull the winter boots and clothes I put into storage out. Need to try and get that done before dinner. Or I could always wait till tomorrow!

Can't wait to see wolves!! I love Yellowstone!