May 3rd, 2009

Mag 7 - Ezra Smile

So Close!

I came this close to starting a new story this morning! tygermama very patiently listened to me ramble on about my ATF AU version of Charlotte and company, and I so wanted to write it after telling her about it. But I didn't (put down the big stick, Casey!). Pretty sure strangevisitor7 would hunt me down if I started anything else [g]
Vintage - Flowers

I'm Being Assimilated

In my defense the WalMarts in California are skeevy, so I pretty much avoid them like the plague. Today, Nin dragged me to the new WalMart in Hurricane. I am forced to admit, I'm sold. The grocery section is like being back in a California grocery store again, with all the stuff I like but haven't been able to find since we moved. And it's a lot cheaper. Now, I'm trying to convince my brother we need to do our major grocery shipping there. As an added plus, nice wide aisles and lots of friendly staff.