April 29th, 2009

Methos - End of All Things

As Old As The Internet

Was talking to both strangevisitor7 and em_kellesvig about this over the last week: the Twitter hate out there. It reminds me so much of the battles on the fandom email lists I belonged to about the evils of LJ and how it was ruining fandom. And that debate is still going in some quarters; there are many people who still avoid LJ like the plague. And before that it was the arguments over the evils of free email lists, when services like Egroups and Onelist appeared. Why? Because if just any old person could start a fandom list, it splintered the fandom. There should just be one or two lists for a fandom on the internet, was the argument. Oh, and there was the IRC v. AIM/YM debates as well. I still prefer IRC, and would use it in a hearbeat if there was still anyone left around to use it with. But my fandom friends pretty much all migrated to chatroom services. Like my move to LJ to follow the fandom migrations, I finally gave up on IRC and moved to the chatroom services. Truth be told, I still prefer email too, but I realize time marches on. I use Twitter, and find it to be a lot of fun, but I refuse to be on Facebook! So there [stomps foot] But LJ is pretty much my main fandom digs these days.

Where will be be ten years from now? Wish I knew, because then I'd be rich! But twelve years ago, I couldn't have conceived that my email based online life would be supplanted by something like LJ. And yet, it has been. Maybe shunts in the brain is going to be the next 'big thing'! How about virtual fanfic? You write a story, upload it to some service and it creates a holographic version that the 'reader' views through VR goggles. Truth is, I don't know. But one thing I do know for sure -- we'll be arguing over it!