March 23rd, 2009

Taste - Absinthe


Actually, we got home last night, but never got around to posting.

We had a great time in SLC! Wow! I'd heard downtown SLC had been totally revitalized, and it was just lovely! We spent the afternoon mostly window shopping and had a great lunch at this Asian Fusion place. Then we headed to our motel and hooked up with agilebrit who took us to dinner at Famous Dave's. She's as much fun in RL as she is online, and I appreciate her hubby letting us borrow her for an evening [g] We returned her mostly totally undamaged.

Sunday, we had an early lunch at Cheesecake Factory, which wasn't all that, unfortunately. Then we tooled around the local mall for a bit before heading for home. An hour outside SLC, it started to SNOW! And it snowed for the next nearly four hours. Understand, it was 80 on Saturday. We stopped for gas, and half the people were wearing shorts and sandals and were running from car to bathroom. We, being the wise women we were, had checked the weather before we left and knew it was supposed to get very cold on Sunday, so we'd brought coats.

One of the results of our meetup with agilebrit was the two of us driving ninjababe to commit fic. She hates us about now [weg] But you can see the results, a delightfully cracky Torchwood fic, here.

All in all, we had a great time, and have plans to return for a three day weekend next time!