February 22nd, 2009

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'Echoes the Sea' Poll

What would you like to see in future stories?

Is there anything in the stories written so far that you'd like to see expanded upon?

I'd like to see more stories set in:

The Old West
Present Day
Eighteenth Century
Early Twentieth Century
Something else I'll tell you about in the comments
Ticky, Ticky, Ticky Room!
Wench, more rum!

Here's a bit of a poll for you who read the 'Echoes the Sea' series. Between me and strangevisitor7, we have so many potential story ideas that it's hard to decide just what to write next. And since all of you have been so enthusiastic about our shared universe and Charlotte, (seriously, don't you all know you're supposed to despise OFCs with a fiery passion?) (it's in the fandom rule book.)(really!)I figured I'd toss it out to you, the readers. I'm hoping your input will help me focus on just where to go next. Though with my luck, I'll probably just end up with more story ideas!

As always, thank you for you enthusiasm, comments, and for taking the time to read. It's sincerely appreciated.

(posting this below the poll since it won't post properly above the poll)
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Since they don't have a comedian hosting this year, I've decided to risk watching the Oscar telecast. Though I'm pretty sure I haven't seen a single Best Picture nominee (I'm not even sure what is up for that). I want to see the dresses, and things like the special effects winners, since those are movies I have seen! And RDJr is pretty cute in a tux.

Recording it on the DVR so I can start watching an hour and a half in and be able to forward through all the adverts and nonsense.