February 19th, 2009

Nature - Bunny

More Sick Kitties

Pippin had a respiratory infection and he went to the vet on Friday. Yesterday, Chiana didn't seem to be feeling well, so we figured she'd caught what Pip had. We planned to take her to vet today to have her checked out. Well, by this morning, she was really sick, and she went in first thing. Apparently she didn't have what he had, but has something much worse (supposedly somehow related to some serious health issues she had a few years ago) and the vet isn't even sure she's going to make it. It's one of my mum's favourite kitties, so she's all worried and upset right now.
Mag 7 - Ezra Menial Labour

M7: One Day Out West

One Day Out West
Aired: Jan. 1998

J.D. volunteers to serve as sheriff when a Federal Judge, Mary's father-in-law, comes to clean up the town. Judge Travis enlists the Seven to protect the town. ~ recap via TV.com


Number of times Chris laughs:
Colour of Ezra's coat:
Number of appearances by the 'Serape of Doom':
Times Ezra uses someone's first name:
Josiah 'son' & 'brother' count:
Times Chris isn't dressed all in black:
Times Vin eats:
Japan - Peach Blossoms


I think I'm coming down with something. It's hard to tell sometimes, when you always have pain, when the pain is more than the usual. I've about decided it's more than the usual. I also had a weird craving for a cheeseburger. I'm not a huge burger fan, and usually, when I really want one, something in my body is running a muck. Sort of sitting here, staring at the computer, waiting for Nin to get home, which isn't for another hour and a halfish.

I did get some constructive things done today though. Two loads of wash, built shelf cubes, tidied up after the Scottish Islands aka Islay and Skye, who think my room is some sort of kitteh rodeo, and put papers and magazines away.

Anyone else up to anything fun and/or exciting? Even kinda sorta interesting? [g]