February 6th, 2009

Mag 7 - Ride


I know a bunch of peeps on my f'list are recent converts to Magnificent Seven fandom -- and I refuse to accept responsibility for that! As a new fan myself, I must say I miss that I never got a chance to talk about the episodes when they aired. It's that whole late to the party thing. But I figured there are probably enough of us here to try and have some casual conversations about specific episodes. Of course, if you're an old timey fan, you can join in too!

When ninjababe and I initially watched the series, we mainlined them in a weekend, watching so fast, we never got a chance to start a discussion. Might be nice to do that now.

So who's up for it? I think I'd follow the same format of my Highlander discussions, unless there's a better idea :) And since there aren't many episodes, we can probably discuss all of them.