December 18th, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


First off, dejla, I got your package. I haven't opened it, but Nin looked inside the envelope sent with it to see who it was from. So thanks in advance of opening :) Second, I received two mystery packages from Amazon secondary retailers, with no info as to who they are from. One was a book on Wellington, and the other was the 'Wish Me Luck' DVDs. Whoever they're from, assuming they're someone from LJ, thank you! If they aren't, hopefully whoever sent them to me will check in and I can thank them :)
Holiday - Xmas Glow

Free Music

I'd heard Enya had a new Christmas CD out, so I checked out the iTunes sotre to listen to samples. Turned out, one of my favourite carols, O Come, O Come Emmanuel is on the album, and better yet, you can get it free from iTunes! It's a very nice version of it too.