December 15th, 2008

Holiday - Xmas Silver Holly

Oh, It's Monday

I wrote about 2400 words yesterday, and completed part four of 'A Quarter For Your Shoe'. I sent it off to Casey for a look over last night, so hopefully should have the part up by mid week. And yes, I know it was only supposed to be four parts, but at part three, I realized it was going to be at least five. So much for the short little Xmas ficlet! I'm rather tickled by one of the characters that makes an appearance in part four. Something of an inside joke that I'd be surprised if anyone got. But it made me happy!

Boss and sales manager are both up in the City today for a meeting, so I'm am in charge!! Feel the glory of my power! Or not.

Warehouse is oh so cold. Have two space heaters going at this point, and need to go make tea.