December 13th, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Taking a Break

I've been cleaning and hauling and have remembered why I hate moving. I filled three giant trashbags and now my hips and back really hurt. Going to take a wee break and play on the internet before I start the next wave.

Oh, and suddenly have the desire to read an Amanda/Ezra fic. I was just watching a vid on one of the M7 comms and the desire suddenly struck. I doubt any exists, but it should!
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

A Little Digging

Decided to try and find some more images of the actress/opera singer that I ended up using as a visual template for Charlotte. Found a bunch more than the the original two I had initially. A lot are here, and I've put a few under the cut. what's cool is many of them are stage/performance photos, so she's in a variety of period dress. Wonderful thing for an immortal character!

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And so many hugs and thanks to jinxed_wood for making me this and this!

Holiday - Xmas Glow

Another Part Done

I've finished the next part of the Xmas fic and have sent it off to Casey to look over. Am well into the next part. Now trying to decide if I should keep writing or take a break and do something else. The story keeps growing. What I'm writing now just sort of came as a surprise, and it will probably only tickle me and perhaps a few readers who might catch on to the sea captain who makes an appearance. But really, I'd be shocked if anyone gets my 'inside joke' :)