December 5th, 2008

Iron Man -  Forge


So, according to the mechanic, it's going to cost us $1500.00 more to fix what's wrong, this in addition to the $400 we spent yesterday. Just perfect. Nin's going to see our regular mechanic on Monday for his opinion and am hoping he'll think we can a few more thousand miles out of it before we need most of the work done.
Mag 7 - Ezra Talk to the Hand

My Overactive Subconcious, Let Me Show You It

I do, on occasion, get story ideas from dreams, and last night, I ended up with an M7 ATF AU version of Charlotte. When I woke up, I remembered enough about it to ponder the concept and sketch it out some. I now have a fully fledged, mortal Charlotte Black, running around my brain now, chatting up a storm. Gah! Like I need more damn plot bunnies or stories to write! I'm trying to convince her she'd be perfectly happy as strictly brain fic. She isn't buying it so far.

On a totally random note: 195 icon spaces!! And I'm not sure I like my subject headers being links now. But the squee about 50 more icon spaces is kinda overwhelming the other.