November 5th, 2008

Taste - Tea

The Chills Shoulda Been My First Clue

I didn't feel so hot last night, but chalked it up to election night stress. Wrong! Woke up at 4am with full blown flu - chills, headache, cramping. I've just chugged a mug of juice and am making a hot water bottle. Then I'm going back to bed after I help Nin get Norrington in his carrier.

Methos - Cheers

My Positive List

I swore I'd do one today. So my list of things I'm thankful for:

* My awesome friends, whether we agree or not.

* The right to vote, and free, peaceful elections.

* Smelly cheese and a great bottle of red wine.

* ninjababe

* My kitties.

* Shiny new fandoms and the well worn older ones.

* My family.

* Health, though while not all that perfect a lot of days, that allows me to live a normal life.

* A roof over my head and food on the table.

* Methos, Tony Stark, and Ezra Standish.

* Did I mention my friends?
Nature - Frosted Maple Leaves


It opens here on the 14th. I want to see! I wonder if we can sneak in a showing while we're in Vegas? Since we're not doing any Vegas show type stuff, shouldn't be too difficult.
Nature - Bunny

My Poor Baby

They have a collar on him! I've never had a kitty sent back from being neutered that way. Supposedly, he's supposed to wear it for a week! And they say he'll be sleepy and lethargic for several days. Did they tell him that?! He's been hyper and keeps pulling the damn collar off!! And we're supposed to not let him jump up on furniture for a week. Say what? How exactly are we to manage that? And he has an eye infection, so on top of ten days of antibiotics, he needs eye meds three times a day.

This is going to be a looooong week.