November 4th, 2008

What's Left - Sarah Shoes

Now for The Waiting

I mailed in my ballot last week, though living in a very Blue state in one of the Bluest of districts, my vote doesn't count for much. But I did my bit regardless, and happy to do so. Tonight, a friend is coming over for dinner/snacks/drinks while we watch the results come in. We had an awesome time doing it four years ago, so we decided to do it again.

Anyone else have any special plans for tonight?

Later: meant to add, even, if like me, you live in a non swing state, your vote is still important. I know McCain doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of taking CA, but my vote does count towards the popular vote even if it doesn't in the Electoral College. And the popular vote is important when it comes to that whole 'mandate' thing :) So, yeah, vote! Whoever it is you're supporting.
What's Left - Danger Kitten

Kitty Stuff

Norrington goes in tomorrow to get neutered. I know it's a simple procedure, but one of my cats died after routine surgery, so I worry about him. Send virtual scritches his way!
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Must go to bed now. I'm such a political junkie, I'm still watching the TV.

Early morning too because Norrington needs to get to the vet before 8am.

Off to dream of Ezra, Methos, and Tony, together or separately is fine with me [g]