October 17th, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


It's finally Friday!!

ninjababe made dinner last night! How cool is that? And she did it almost totally unaided. I just helped out a bit with some seasoning questions.

Talked to mum yesterday and the got 180 pomegranates off the tree at the back of the house! She said they've been making syrup and molasseses from them. Also giving a lot away to their LDS friends. Apparently there's a traditional salad they serve around the holidays that has pomegranate in it.

Jen and Dave are coming into town tomorrow. We're going to Ventana Vineyards annual members shindig, and then I'm assuming we'll go to Jen's fave Japanese place for dinner after. Also intending to fanpire them into Magnificent Seven! Nin's going to try out a new winter sangria recipe and she bought some nice little pastries from Paris Bakery this morning.

Must clean apartment tonight when I get home.

strangevisitor7, will you need me to beta tonight? Trying to figure out everything I need to get done tonight before guests arrive tomorrow. I'm sure flapping my arms might help [g]

Really enjoyed Grey's last night!