September 4th, 2008

Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Of Sludge & Cute Guys

I got home last night to a dreadful smell. Sure enough, the sewer had backed up into the tub again. When I came in, I saw the plumber van in the lot, so I called the landlord to say 'me too!!'. A few minutes later a very cute journeyman plumber showed up. Seriously, even covered in sludge, he was adorable. We chatted even. But he kept calling me 'ma'am' which sort of ruined the fantasy [g] After he left, I disinfected and then bleached the tub. Whatever had been in the water left an oily black film all over. What a mess! Shift to this morning -- tub clear. A half hour later, I go to take my shower, tub not clear. The guy upstairs was showering and it was backing up into ours! GAH! I got to work and called the landlord after Nin woke up. Apparently the other three units in our block had already called with the same issue. This time, so we're assured, it really is fixed. But I get to do more bleaching when I get home [pout]