August 15th, 2008

Methos - Cheers

You Might Be A Fan If...

I've seen this all over the last week, so here are the ones that really made me nod:

- You have more than one pet named after favorite characters.

- You have an area of your closet (or an entire closet in your home) dedicated to the costumes you wear to cons.

- You were making up stories in your head years about your favorite TV shows before anyone ever said the word "fanfiction" to you. After you found out what it was, a lot of your life made a lot more sense.

- You have ever tried to explain furries to someone.

- You met most of your close friends online or through other fannish friends. The friends you didn't meet that way are being shown the good parts of the lousy '80s series.

- You get really pissed off when you find out someone else has already taken your preferred username when you sign onto a new journaling system, BBS or webmail site.

- You have traveled to a new city to meet up with people you'd never spoken with in real life before to attend an event as a group. And you came home with pictures! (Cape Cod 1996! Waves to aka_arduinna, otterevil, & yarrow_blue)

- Where you hear or read the words "Hey, didn't you write …" directed at you, you pray it's a fanfic and not some drunken rant you posted ten years ago.
Nature - Sleepy Otter


Decided to be lazy tonight and just get a pizza. After the week I've had, and the fall I took last night, I don't feel like standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. ninjababe's going to make a pitcher of City Tavern punch to go along with the pizza, and we'll watch the rest of the gymnastics from last night. No way I could stay up till 1am! Then we'll more than likely watch whatever's on tap Olympics wise tonight. Pizza will be good, but what I'm really craving is a steak. I've wanted red meat all day.

90 minutes to go!!
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


Trying to get the laptop working on the new wireless setup and failing miserably. Nin has the PC tonight, so I thought I'd try and get on the laptop. I give up [shuffles away] Okay, handing it back to Nin now.