August 14th, 2008

Nature - Pink!

'Fitting Network TV for a Toe Tag'

Good article here on WIRED.

One of my favourite bits:

6. Don't break faith with your audience.

Broadcast networks routinely spend three months promoting a show that they then cancel after two airings. Or they get a few million viewers hooked on a serialized drama and then drop it midway through a season, leaving fans hanging. This simply never happens on cable, where if a series gets a 13-episode order, those 13 episodes are damn well going to air, even if it's just because there’s nothing else to take their place. Every time the networks reshuffle their grid in a spasm of quick-fix panic, they disenchant more viewers.

Methos - Sin

The Possibilities!

I've been watching the Superheros at the Bar vids on YouTube that I linked to earlier. They're like live action crossover crack fic. It got me to thinking what you could do with Methos and Duncan dolls -- other than that! -- and a video camera. You could have Tony and Methos at Joe's (was there a Joe doll?) Or Legolas, Jack Sparrow, and Spiderman on the Black Pearl. You could have a crossover extravaganza!