August 12th, 2008

Methos - Rear View


Wasn't this what was supposed to be on those 'Methos Rocks' DVDs? Or am I misremembering? So now they're selling it separately? I didn't watch the clips. I'm afraid to after what happened last time. All I saw was what appeared to be Amanda and a stripper pole, which made me close the window in a big hurry! I don't want any mental scarring.

(Hey, maybe she can be at the stripper jet baby shower that Tony's having!)
Methos - Easily Amused

Degrees of Scary

Scary is getting a text message on your cell from your mum who hasn't even set up a greeting on her voicemail.

Really scary is her using netspeak.

The subject of her very first text message ever? Wanting to know if I knew there was a Lord of the Rings musical! Is amused. And god only knows, the way this day is going, I'm in need of amusement!
Forever Knight - Janette Wine

I is HOME!

Yay! Didn't get to take a lunch today, so I'm extra glad to be here. I don't think I plan anything more strenuous than plunking myself in front of the TeeVee and watching Olympics till my eyes cross. I hadn't really planned on watching much of them, but here I am, watching every night, and all through the weekend.

Yes, I know I should be writing. Maybe after I've had something to eat, I'll feel motivated or something passing for it.
Media - Bambi Butterfly


I need to keep reminding myself not to look at Twitter if I don't want to be spoiled for the Olympics. I should shut down Twitterfox for the duration, me thinks!