August 8th, 2008

Grey's - Seriously

But It's True!

Folks on Twitter amused by my remark that "I'm a bystander in my own mind" [g] But it's true! I am! (The context was me saying that Methos and Tony Stark are arguing over who gets their fic written first.)
Forever Knight - Master

Letting Everyone Play

When I write Highlander fic, you can pretty much guarantee it will be Methos-centric, and if it's Forever Knight, LaCroix. But every so often, some of the characters I don't normally include to a large extent will want to come play too. For example, in Shattered, Nick Knight showed up on the doorstep, and he ended up playing a major role. And that surprised me. I even came away from the experience having a bit more appreciation for the character. Shocking, I know [g] And LaCroix only showed up via flashback, along with Divia. But Nick got to be front and center in the present day story. It had been ten odd years since I'd included Nick as the main character in fic. And in the sequel that I still pan to write 'one of these days', he'll have a major role as well.

What got me thinking about all this? I was rereading Live To Tell last night, and realized it's probably one of my favourites of the stories I've written recently. And no Methos at all! It's just Duncan. Then I realized that Duncan has been more of a presence in my more recent fic. Initially, I tried including him more becuase I have such good friends who love the guy. But the more I used him, the more comfortable I felt writing him. I'd never really felt I wrote a good Duncan, probably because, like Nick, he isn't a character I've always liked all that well at times, and I didn't want my personal feelings to colour them unfairly. But I think I have more of an appreciation for him as well now. Writing a character is kind of like getting to know a new person in RL, I think. You start spending more time together as you get to know each other and develop a relationship. And it's always good to have more people in your life, whether they're real or fictional!

Anyone else have characters they never really paid a lot of attention to that you now find yourself taking a second look at?
Nature - Bunny


I'm making a Spanish potato and egg tortilla for dinner. I hope it's good. It was a recipe I found in the newest Food & Wine magazine that was part of an article about a show on PBS with Gwenyth Paltrow, Mario Batalli and some other guy as they eat their way across Spain.

I hadn't planned on watching the Olympics, but I've been reading that the opening ceremonies were actually pretty good, so I guess I'll check it out. But after it's been recording for an hour on the DVR! I seem to recall that there more adverts than Olympics during the broadcasts. And last time, I didn't have a DVR!

Nin's home tonight, so she can keep me company while I cook, which is always nice. Speaking of Nin, she just sent me a Twitter asking me if I want a Mushabelly Kitty [sigh] I swear, I'm addicted to the things! I already have a pink and purple lion and a robin that I adore. Nin has a dog, and we share the giant penguin. We gave a small penguin to tequilajen and a white and blue lion to my mum.