July 28th, 2008

What's Left - Danger Kitten


Nin just brought Norrington back from the vet, and he got a clean bill of health. He's 8-10 weeks old, he's a little underweight, but didn't have ear mites. The upper respiratory infection is normal for a stray kitten, and the vet thinks it will most likely clear up on its own. They had a kitten package that includes all his shots and a free visit, and the blood tests and such for $265, so Nin went for that. They'll give us an estimate for getting him fixed after he gains some weight. Apparently he was the delight of the office and quite the little attention slut. Oh, and she says he's going to be a BIG cat when he grows up.

Such a relief! Two of the last three stray kittens my mum rescued didn't make it, so I was a wee bit worried.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Visual Aid

I've attempted to explain WorldCon to a few people here over the years, but now, I have props! Denvention is a little more than a week away (no, I don't get to go) (yes, I'm bitterly disappointed) and they've just put the Quick Reference Schedule up on their website. It has programming/panels/entertainment and so forth. So if you ever wanted to see what one gets up to at a WorldCon, now you can.

Later, a few of my favourites:

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