July 14th, 2008

Media - Keira: Smoke

A Blah Sort Of Day

It has been overcast all day, yet rather warmish in a muggy sort of way. Makes you sleepy.
Nin's going to bring home Panda Express for dinner. I'm being lazy and not cooking tonight.
Army Wives has been picked up for a third season!

Pondering taking my birthday off, but it seems kind of pointless being a Wednesday and all. A waste of a vacation day more than likely.

Got my mum's birthday box in the mail. Speaking of, she got me two cookbooks for my birthday: Savory Baking from the Mediterranean: Focaccias, Flatbreads, Rusks, Tarts, and Other Breads, and Artisan Baking
Forever Knight - Janette Hat


I had commented earlier today over at dejla's and I'd used this Janette icon. Then I replied to her reply with my default. Bah!! It gave me a story idea. [hides under desk fending off the Arc Reactor powered plot bunnies] Oh, lord, I'm doomed.