July 12th, 2008

Forever Knight - Janette Hat

My Day

We went to Carmel so I could get my hair cut, which was my BD present to me. And since Nin got a parking space at the edge of town, there was no limit, so we went to Carmel Plaza to check out the new stores. I've never been in a Tiffany's before. Surprisingly unstuffy and not what I was expecting. Then we went to Anthropologie. I've only ever seen their catalogues, but they recently opened a store here. Loved it! Nin bought me a top for my birthday present, and I got one for myself. I could do some serious shopping damage there. Then we headed for the cheese shop, and got a selcetion of cheeses and a baguette for dinner at home. We just finished, and we finally watched "Stargate: Ark of Truth". I may get some writing done tonight -- or not :) We'll see how it goes!