July 11th, 2008

Media - Bambi Butterfly


Another smoky morning and as a result I started choking and coughing all at the same time, which in turn pinged my back. I felt it pop. It hurts now.

I'm on parakeet watch. Got to work and there was a parakeet flying around. I almost got him, but I wasn't quite tall enough to reach. I've put out a bowl of water in hopes he'll come down. Assuming I ever see him again.

Rewrote a few bits of part two of 'Currency of Trust' and sent it off to strangevisitor7 to see if the sections that were confusing before are less so know. If so, I hope to post at some point this weekend. Hopefully I can get close to finishing part three tonight. Nin works, so I'll have the PC.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow as a birthday present to myself. Hopefully I'll feel less like a shaggy dog afterwards.
Iron Man - Tony Tux

'The Currency of Trust' (02/03)

Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Obadiah Stane, Charlotte Sparrow
Notes: PG13, Iron Man with the concept of immortality from Highlander, a story in the ‘Echoes the Sea’ series. Sequel to Tequila Lullaby, set just after Rhodey blows Tony off, and the day before the Board of Directors meeting that Stane attends in New York. Implied Tony/Pepper. Many thanks to ninjababe and strangevisitor7 for the beta -- it's much appreciated!
Summary: The bright light of day can’t quite dispel the darkness that surrounds Tony, so the people closest to him do their best to help with a little love and a few chocolate chip waffles.

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