June 23rd, 2008

Japan - Lips

Firefox 3

I did the upgrade on Saturday, which did not go smoothly. Initially it did, then something went wonky and I had to do a system reset, but even that didn't help. Started all over again. Second time it seems to all gel and I got all my add-ons working. Then had a problem with the themes page not recognizing the upgrade. And I needed a decent theme! GAH! I hate the default, plus U like dark themes. Left a question on the forum and it was suggested I disable Java script, download, then drag the .jar file to the open application window. That worked. There aren't a whole lot of FF3 compatible themes out there yet, but there was one dark one that was based around a space shuttle night launch.

I also finally ordered a new keyboard. A wireless one via a Woot.com link for $12. It's basically a newer version of the Logitech keyboard I have now. But that one id seven odd years old and is very grungy. And this new one is black! It also comes with a mouse, which I have no use for, but for $12, I don't really care!

I only got a little writing done last night. But the sequel to 'Tequila Lullaby' is nearly 1500 words now, so I guess I'm getting somewhere, albeit very slowly. I think I find Pepper harder to get a fix on than Tony, and that's what's holding me up.

Sundays in the summer are a heavy TV night I'm realizing. There was Design Star, The Next Food Network Star, and Army Wives. Once I was done with those, it was nearly bedtime.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

Does Tony Know About This?

That was the first thing I thought of when I read this:

“House” star Hugh Laurie is being given an exclusive “Burger King Gold Card” after mentioning the celebrity perk in an interview and sending the blogosphere into a tizzy. The card, which grants the bearer an lifetime’s supply of free burgers, has only been given to 11 other individuals, including Jay Leno.

Turns out he might not, but Robert Downey Jr. does, being a recipient of a card himself.
Vintage - Flamenco

It Is

Research is the great fic writing procrastinator! If I'm looking stuff up to contribute to other people's fic writing comments, I can avoid writing myself. The circle of life [g]