June 19th, 2008

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Iron Man Comics Question

For those of you who know the comics, and assuming future movies may utilize characters from those comics, I have a question. Tony's household staff. He has a mansion, so obviously he must have a housekeeper/cook/some combo. I think Nin told me that in the comics, Jarvis is an actual person? If so, he may be part of that combo. So, the question: are there such characters and what are their names? If not, Tony's getting a housekeeper from me [g] She has a name and a history, and now just need to know if she gets to keep her job!

On the writing front, I got about 700 words done on the 'chocolate chip waffles' story last night. Then my mum called, and I lost my momentum.

Later the Same Day: I'm endlessly amused by the fact that we're actually discussing Tony's possible household staffing arrangements. I love being excited over a fandom again!
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Slowest Week Ever

I swear, I can't believe it's only Thursday. It seemed like Thursday two days ago. I always forget how quiet summer is both at work and on the internet.

One thing I did get done today was reallocating my 401(k) and then rebalancing it. We have a new company overseeing our 401(k) and we had a meeting a few weeks back. This guy is much more helpful than the last set we had, so I feel like I have a better grasp of the whole thing now.

I see there's a Woot Out at woot.com today.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha


When checking out movie times, I discovered that Yahoo Movies has 14 assorted Iron Man clips. Some trailers, some movie clips, some behind the scenes stuff. Excellent way to while away some time. And one of the clips actually answered a timeline question I had so I don't have to go back through the novel!