June 18th, 2008

Methos - Look


Trying to figure out why my office smells like stale cigarette smoke. Wonder if someone was smoking in here over the weekend, or if it's just coming off the clothes of my smoking coworkers? I think it's time to break out the Lysol.

Another quiet day on tap.

Decided to start reading the first Womens Murder Club book that Nin had bought a few months back. I really liked the TV series, but am not sure how I feel about the novels quite yet.

The sun was actually visible this morning. No fog! What a nice change. There's been barely any sunshine the last week.
Japan - Lips

Mail Call

Amazon delivered my Iron Man soundtrack and 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' today!

I never think I'm good at writing humour, so I'm surprised at how well received the silly Iron Man fic I wrote yesterday is being received. Not just here, but at other venues I've posted it at. Commenters think it's funny, which is cool, even while it surprises me on one level [g] I always think I'm way too serious to be amusing.

Nin has her schedule and it turns out she finally gets a 4th of July evening off! About time. This means that this year, we can walk down the few blocks to the beach and watch the coloured fog fireworks! And for me, it's a three day weekend, so that's cool too.

I have a yearning for Greek food. In actuality what I'm having for dinner is a ham sandwich [g]

One more hour till going home time!