June 17th, 2008

Japan - Tea Girls

Three Different Titles

Yes, if you saw me post 'Tequila Lullaby' last night, you also saw it went through three different titles too. First it was 'Tequila Sunrise', then it was 'Just Another Tequila Nightmare'. But I think I've stopped now. And yes, there's going to be a third part. I actually realized on the walk to work this morning my Tony muse is right (though we won't tell him that). Writing these stories gives the reader, and me, more of a foundation and a sense of the friendship between Tony and Charlotte. That way, when we get to the big fight between Methos and Charlotte over Tony, we'll have a better idea of the dynamics and why she made the choice she did. Or at least, I hope so :)
Taste - Taste of Summer


I've been wanting to try a pie with a wrap around crust, and this one looks good.

My shoulders are killing me. Back to non stop sneezing and it hurts. Time for Tylenol.

Work is quiet today and boss is in Vegas till Monday. Should go up to the loft and do some filing at some point. Which will make me sneeze more.

What's everyone else up to?
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

'Art Appreciation' (01/01)

A little crack type fic for the lunchtime hour. Very short, very silly. Don't ask me where it came from, because I have no freakin' idea! I figure after all the angsty Iron Man fic I've been writing, something lighter would be good!

Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts
Notes: G, ficlet, pure silliness.
Summary: Tony explores his inner artist.

Collapse )

More Iron Man fic here.
Japan - Autumn Leaves Geisha

To Veg or Write?

On the one hand, I think I should veg in front of the TV, but on the other, I know these overwhelming writing urges dry up all too soon and I'll go for months without writing a word. So I want to make the most of it. You know it's bad when even Obadiah freakin' Stane wants a piece of the fic pie. I mean, seriously, who thought I'd be writing fic with him in it? Not me!

So fic with chocolate chip waffles and Obie? Or episodes of House Hunters?