May 23rd, 2008

Media - Watanabe: Horse


Thanks to everyone who left good wishes yesterday. Too soon to tell what the outcome is, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Wildfires and getting a root canal don't mix. Just so you know [g] The office is in Watsonville. Well, Watsonville is covered in smoke from the big fires in the Santa Cruz mountains. Talk about trying to breath and not sneeze with sharp pointy objects in your mouth! Not fun.

Wild weather we're having. But we could sure use some of the downpour they're getting in SoCal here.
Methos - Easily Amused

Fun Fic Thingie

Thanks to medie, I've been introduced to the 'Write Your OTP Going to Target' err... challenge? Meme? I don't really have an OTP, but just the idea of taking some of my fave characters to Tarjay amuses me. The story she recced, with Pepper & Tony at Target was adorable.

I guess it must be an early start to the holiday weekend, because work and the internetz is dead. But I have had some distractions. I've had the delightful experience of shadadukal reading 'I Remember You Not Fondly' today, and receiving a comment on each part as she goes along. It's been much fun for me. It's always a great feeling knowing someone is reading and enjoying something you wrote.

And for those of you who really want that Methos meets Tony fic, you'll be happy to know that ninjababe has made it her personal mission to bug me frequently. It was the last thing she mentioned before she went to bed last night!